Kissy the Baby Ghost is an Uncommon Moshling in the Spookies set.


Cute, fragile and shy


Any Star Blossom + Any Magic Beans + Purple Star Blossom


It's hard being scary when you're as cute as a Baby Ghost.

These supernatural Moshlings are more interested in tutus, toys, false eyelashes, and pink ribbons than sneaking around frightening Moshi Monsters.

If you do see a Baby Ghost, try not to breathe near it or it might evaporate, leaving only a pink ribbon and a soggy pair of pink pumps.


These charming Moshlings plop out of plasma clouds high up in the abandoned Harem Scarem pickling plant in the Okay-ish Land.


Fluffy poodles and loganberry Lip Gloss.


Suction cups and sponges,


  1. Her head is shaped like a Hershey's Kiss.
  2. She is featured on the Halloween Daily Growl.

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